Bright Chemicals

Solvent Based Lacquer

BRIGHT COAT is an ideal, solvent base clear Top Coat (Lacquer) having quick drying property. Applications of Bright Coat (Top Coat) in curring process produce a hard durable finish with high gloss to Paver Block. A thin film of Bright Coat form on the surface of Paver Block will protect Paver’s Colored Top layer from damaging by water, as Bright Coat resist the water to enter in pores of surface of Paver Block.

How to Apply : One can Roll Bright Coat with Spunj (foam) or Brush or can use Spray Gun to coat.

Covering  : 1 Lit Bright Coat will cover 100 sq. ft.

Packing :

  • 50 Lit Carboys,
  • 200 Lit Barrels

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